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losing weight doesn’t have to be an issue anymore take a comprehensive weight loss program approach with Southern Nevada Bariatrics that’s right here to explain all of your options is bariatric surgeon from Southern Nevada Bariatrics as dr. Mustafa Ahmed how are you my friend hi nice to meet you so what what ended up inspiring you because you’ve been a doctor for many years now but you you go the past three or five years or so you got into this what inspired you to get into the bariatric procedure after medical school I started becoming an internal medicine doctor trained as internal medicine doctor and in my practice I it was I had a very large practice and the most common diseases with diabetes high blood pressure coronary disease sleep apnea people who have had back pain neck pains the pains and the common thing with all these patients was the fact that they were overweight yeah they were morbidly obese that was the thing that was causing exactly I would have the patience take insulin and and and try to get them to lose weight but it was hard you know they keep coming back and we keep going up on it and so one of the things that really inspired me to to go into surgery was a bariatric surgery because I said to myself that the root cause of all these problems is wait and and and it has been shown studies have shown that no matter what you do the only really long-term way of losing weight is through surgery and you can do you can do all the weight loss medical weight loss that you want to do but the weight comes back you try medicines the way it comes back once you stop so all these things don’t really help so the really the root cause is being overweight and surgery is really the way to go and that’s what really inspired me now the good thing with me is that I also trained in addition to surge in critical care so when a patient comes to be in the office I I can look at both sides I know the medicine yeah I know the surgery I know if there’s any critical care issues I know I’m board certified in in telemedicine in surgery in critical care all three which is very uncommon and I spent 10 years in training doing both two residences and two fellowships Wow so so real when they come to me it’s a comprehensive approach of treatment so I don’t just look and say okay I’m a surgeon all I’ve got to do is cut and then you go no I take care of their and those patients are with me for the rest of their lives and I take care of them and also in addition we have hormonal therapy that we also do in the practice and also so that means that after they after they have the surgery then we we start this comprehensive program of making sure that all the vitamins are that they taking all the vitamins their levels are good they’re hormonal that testosterone levels that are within normal limits if they’re not then we treat that because we found out that as patients age your testosterone level for both men and women drop and that causes you to gain weight and that causes you to not be able to sleep and not function properly so with all so we have a comprehensive approach whereas other bariatric surgeons don’t so that’s really important for me and dr. Ahmed you know addressing these other issues is very important because that’s part of the danger of obesity isn’t it that the other health implications that come along absolutely absolutely as you gain weight you have what’s called insulin resistance and when you develop insulin resistance then you need to have more medications in order to put that glucose or sugar into the cell and so as a result you start to develop what’s called a metabolic syndrome which is high cholesterol coronary heart disease diabetes you also start to develop I have patients who have knee pains back pains and and sleep apnea is a big thing now if sleep apnea can cause you to have a heart attack and it can cause you to have Korean myopathy which me while you’re asleep it’s almost as though your body Stronach exactly exactly and so what happens with sleep apt is patients cannot get into the fourth stage of sleep which is the REM sleep and as a result all day long you’re foggy and tired and so what’s the root cause the root cause is being overweight so you’ve got to treat the overweight it’s really a vicious cycle it’s a vicious cycle yeah and and patients who lose the weight tend to live much longer I have a much healthier life have a much better quality of life and so that is some my goal really is to make sure that patients have a good quality of life and so that’s the way it goes both comprehensive approach we got about 45 seconds left I want to make sure people that you know they might be watching they want to see what their options are yeah they get the ball rolling out of the getting content well they we have we have a seminar so they can they called Southern Nevada Bariatrics calm is our website and then we also have our phone number which hopefully will be on there so what we have I so each person is different so I look at each person as separate so there is no formula for everybody no one-size-fits-all so so so some people will have just maybe medical weight management maybe some people have sleeve gastrectomy and some will have gastric bypass it’s great dr. Ahmed you’re you’re able to cater it to each person individually absolutely that and that is the important thing I really care about the patients and so that’s how i approach comprehensive and I’m personable it’s my practice is Yura you are personable guys thank you so much addenda free seminar in a group or one-on-one setting your choice folks you can help figure out what your best option is visit Southern Nevada Bariatrics today on Eastern and desert inn road for more information call the number or visit their website Southern Nevada Bariatrics is a proud sponsor of the morning blend.

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